We offer a variety of programs on the third Thursday and third Saturday of each month that include:


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Soup to Nuts

Dressing Your Salad - Make & Take Gourmet Salad Dressing
Soup for You!


Build a Biodigester & Take One Home
Dragon Husbandry - Caring for Your Biodigester
Biodigester Fertilizer: Dragon Pee for You & Me

Cooking on Biogas

How to Hook Up Your Biogas Stove 
Using Your Biogas Stove
Converting Your Propane Grill to Biogas
Preserving Your Harvest 101

Healthy Connections

Make & Take - Herbals and Essential Oils
CBD: Intro to a Healthy Alternative
Whole Food Nutritional Options

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Biogas Workshops

Open House

Biogas BBQ