What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponics is a grow system utilizing several types of growing medium, air, water-soluble nutrients, and light to grow vegetables, herbs, and a variety of fruits.

Each system consists of vertical walls filled with cups that hold the plants. The nutrient-rich water is dispensed through a trough at the top of the unit to the grow cups below. The grow cups house the plants in a bed of planting medium that allows the roots to grow.

The nutrients in the water are those found naturally in healthy soil. The grow systems recycle the nutrient from a reservoir tank, thus conserving water, while giving the plants the needed nutrients on intermittent cycles much like natural rainfall.

Careful monitoring of the nutrients allows the system to grow at optimal levels. Special lighting (LEDStorm) gives the plants the ability to absorb the minerals. Nutrient levels and flavor are greatly enhanced by this type of environment.

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Our greenhouses grows lettuces, herbs a variety of vegetables and certain fruits. Our lettuces are harvested every week and picked up by CSA customers and local markets. If you live in Chester County you may be lucky enough to enjoy our mixed greens and lettuce varieties! We grow crowd-pleasing and heirloom varieties of tomatoes, arugula, kale, basil, bok choy, peppers, oregano, chives, parsley and more.

With some pre-planning, we can create custom orders!

Currently our newest project is to learn how root vegetables grow in an indoor environment. Our northern most neighbors do not enjoy the variety of fresh vegetables that is available to us. We are growing the root vegetables in a specially designed bin system in an effort to secure a healthy food source for them and others.

Book a tour and come see for yourself just what we re accomplishing toward our goal of food security in our world.

See you soon!