What is Aeroponics?

Aeroponics is a soilless growing system utilizing air, water-soluble nutrients, and light to grow vegetables, herbs, and a variety of fruits. Each system consists of vertical columns which dispense the nutrient-rich water through a distribution cap at the top of the unit to the grow cups staggered on the sides of the columns. The grow cups house the plants in a bed of rockwool that allows the roots to grow unencumbered down the center of the column. The nutrients in the water are those that are also found naturally in healthy soil. The grow systems recycle the nutrient from a reservoir tank conserving water while giving the plants the needed nutrient on intermittent cycles much like natural rainfall.



Our greenhouses grows thousands of lettuce where we’ve grown all varieties of vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Boston Bibb lettuce is harvested two times per week and brokered to local markets. If you live in Lancaster and Chester County you're bound to see our mixed greens and lettuce varieties! We grow crowd-pleasing and heirloom varieties of tomatoes, arugula, kale, basil, bok choy, peppers, collards, oregano, chives, parsley, micro-greens and much more.