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Adragone Aeroponics is Chester County's “low high-tech” automated vertical aeroponic greenhouse.

Our system of growing plants without soil uses a cascade of nutrient water to feed the roots of plants grown in a space-saving grow system. 

Our system, using Earthponics grow walls, uses 90 percent less water than traditional soil farming and can grow up to 100 times more produce per square foot. Utilizing LEDStorm lighting, we can regrow and harvest the same plant multiple times before replanting.

Discover jus how delicious our produce can be. Sign up for our year-round CSA. We will be growing all winter in 10 week cycles.



Aeroponics is a multi-medium growing system utilizing air, water-soluble nutrients, and specialized lighting (LEDStorm) to grow vegetables, herbs, and a variety of fruits. Using a variety of planting mediums we allow customization of the way you can grow.

Each of our Earth Ponics grow systems consist of vertical walls which dispense the nutrient-rich water through a trough distribution system at the top of the unit . The nutrient rich water cascades over and onto the plant roots.

 Using the vertical orientation allows you to maximize the number of plants per square foot in your greenhouse.

Growing this way creates stress free plants, eliminating the need for chemical and pesticide additives. We offer more nutritious and flavorful produce to our customers.

Community Supported Agriculture

Our CSA program is a great way to get local seasonal food directly from our farm, by offering a limited number of weekly “shares" to the public. Typically the share consists of several reusable, washable mesh bags of vegetables and herbs. Each “share” is generous and should supply a family of four enough fresh salad for the week. Half shares are also available for our single customers.

Depending on availability, other farm products may be included.

Paying “up front” allows us to plan the budget for the next growing cycle. Customers can simply pick up the salad makings without the inconvenience of finding the cash needed to purchase each week.

Fresh untreated, unwashed eggs from our chickens are also available

Biogas Digestor

The technology behind anaerobic biogas digesters is pretty darned simple: food goes in, and liquid fertilizer comes out. As does Biogas, a flammable gas used in cooling, heating and lighting among other things. It is a renewable resource as the production cycle is continuous. Once your digester is producing gas it will continue to. Food scraps from dinner prep and those interesting “science projects” in the back of the refrigerator are all you need to feed your digester.

A product of the digestion is Biogas. Typically used to run a stove to cook on, it can also be used to run a generator. Another “product” of digestion is the liquid fertilizer that is produced. The fertilizer can be used to grow all types of plants. We apply it to our hayfield and outdoor landscaping to add nutrients to the roots.

Biogas generates no net carbon dioxide. The organic material is converted using the natural microbes found in all living creatures. It then digests in a continually repeating cycle. From a carbon perspective, as much carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere in the growth of the primary bio-resource as is released when the material is ultimately converted to energy, creating a neutral carbon release.